About Us

Pink Bean Coffee provides organic coffees and whole quality, healthful foods and serves as a meeting place for gatherings and events that bring people together.

The origins of Pink Bean Coffee were tested in a farmers market in Somerset Massachusetts in the late Summer of 2013. Two months later in October, Pink Bean Coffee opened its doors to an express location in the nearby city of Fall River, where it introduced the community to organic, fair trade coffee.

As growth became rapid, in June of 2014, Pink Bean made its debut at its first stand alone, retail location. Growth continued year over year as Pink Bean expanded rapidly introducing the city to not only its pour over style coffees, but also high quality foods, all fruit and vegetable smoothies and its foundation and signature coffee, the Mojo.

Soon the little shop had the following and resources to head back to where it started in Somerset and broke ground to build what is now considered to be our headquarters location.

Whichever location you visit, you’ll fall in love with our menu, appreciate the attention to customer comfort and our support in promoting local artists and artisans.

Whether you’re looking for a place to take a load off and let an idea percolate or you just want some of the best tasting coffee and food in the Southcoast, you’ll realize on your fist visit that you’ve found your new favorite place! We’re looking forward to meeting you!